Opinion/Letters: As a local business, we put our trust in the FDA

Via Newport Daily News
July 21, 2023

Our business relies on meeting customer demand. That’s why we have been stocking more and more low- and zero-calorie options in foods and beverages over the years. People buy them. 

One reason why any of the products on our shelves are purchased is because consumers know that when we stock them – they are safe. Our government, the regulators including and led by groups like the FDA, has said they are. But a new set of contradicting reviews from international agencies could confuse people. They might start to have doubts about what products are safe. 

I’m not a doctor nor a scientist, I stock my shelves without having to think twice about what is safe or is not. That’s because the FDA has kept Americans safe for over 100 years. Each day we are bombarded by news and information online, in print, on TV and on the radio – the last thing we need is misinformation about what is safe for my consumers. Sensational headlines should not drive public health and safety, we need institutions here in the United States to give us confidence. 

When I see the phrase: FDA approved, I know what that means – its proven and its trusted. It means a product is safe to sell and to consume. I am asking those in power to back up the FDA and to support its authority. Our businesses, and the people we serve, depend on it.-

Valdemar Leite, president Ma’s Donuts and more, Middletown

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