Statement by Coalition for Safe Food & Beverage Choices Co-Chairs Secretaries Donna Shalala and Alex Azar on WHO Aspartame Reports

“There is only one WHO review that addresses the safety of foods and beverages. It is the JECFA review, which reaffirmed aspartame’s safety, and is consistent with the FDA’s long-standing position.

They even kept the current Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) level. The American people can be confident that the products they consume are safe because of FDA reviews. According to the World Health Organization, even the most frequent consumers of products with aspartame are nowhere near the recommended limits on consumption: in fact, they are 10 times under the limit.

Nothing has changed as a result of these reviews.”

Info on Secretary Azar can be found here.

Info on Secretary Shalala can be found here.

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